About the project

The overall objective of the STEP project is to facilitate well educated people finding work and their living in the border area and facilitate cooperation in order to achieve knowledge-based development of economies on both sides of the border. In scope of the project University of Pannonia and Krizevci College of Agriculture will work out a student training exchange program methodology that can be used as a scheme in the future.

The main results of the project

The methodology will be supported by a trilingual document package, based on this method also a pilot program will be implemented: 10-10 talented Hungarian and Croatian student will be able to participate in a 10 week long cross-border exchange program. As a result students will acquire work experience, gain appropriate language skills, will be open and build up relationships in the cross border region. With all these experience and skills not only the chance of having marketable knowledge and the possibility of finding a job will grow; the project also provides support in finding a job on the other side of the border and the enhancement of the Croatian-Hungarian relationship with the help of the graduates international relation system.

To support project activities a networking platform for enterprises and trainees will be developed and maintained. The established network will result in a number of synergies that will have a long-term positive impact on the sustainable knowledge-based development of the bordering region. These graduated students will be able to find a job in the region and will contribute to the competitiveness of the region. Our program with the enhancement of the development capacities contribute to the increasing of the competitiveness and development abilities of enterprises and hereby of the welfare as well.

The main activities focused on achieving the following specific objectives:

1. reducing the rate of the migration of young, well-educated people from the border region through the development of the endogen sources.

2. Working out common student trainee exchange program methodology for the region.

3. Familiarize the undergraduates of higher educational institutions with the possibilities of the mobility of labour force.

4. Build up and strengthen relationships and co-operation in the cross border region between educational and business institutions.

5. Horizontal objective: Social inclusion and increasing the quality of life of citizens.

The project lasts for 16 month and will be implemented in Zala and Koprivnica-Krizevci counties, but the results will be disseminated throughout the program area.

Lead partner: University of Pannonia Nagykanizsa Campus

Project partner: Krizevci College of Agriculture

Project duration: 1 January 2013 – 30 April 2013.

The project is implemented in the frame of the Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross-border Co-operation Program 2007-2013.

Total cost: 132 966 EUR

Community funding: 113 021 EUR